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Employment Service of Flagship Help Center

Flagship Help Center provides workforce development services designed to help employers and job seekers with a new approach to hiring and career development.  Flagship Help Center is a community based organization located in Montbello that helps to serve the workforce needs of employers and job seekersprimarily in the northeast Denver communities of Montbello, Green Valley Ranch, Stapleton and Park Hill.


FIRST:  Allow us to assist you with recruitment of job ready candidates who are available and possess the basic skill levels to fill your positions.  All candidates referred to you will have successfully completed our job readiness training program.  We can also tailor job readiness training to the employment  needs of your business.

SECOND: You can hire your candidate as a permanent employee and we will provide ongoing job coaching and support services to help insure the employee’s success.  Or, you can partner with Flagship as a Community Based Training (CBT) site and assist us with training individuals who are anxious to learn, become progressive, better prepared for today’s competitive job market, and positioned to earn a sustainable income for their families and themselves.  CBT interns are available for up to 2 months of employment experience at no cost to the employer.

THIRD: By hiring a job seeker referred from our agency, you will become eligible to receive the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Flagship staff will provide you with all of the information required to take advantage of this and other employer benefits.

SWITCH GEARS with Flagship, and let us assist you with fulfilling your workforce needs.

For more information contact us at 303-371-6351 or complete and submit form below:

4755 Paris Street, Unit 300
Denver, CO 80239
303-371-6351 (Phone)
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