Anchors Away Youth Program

The Anchors Away Youth Program is Flagship’s Workforce Investment Act (WIA) youth component and prescribes to the U.S. Navy’s anthem to set your sails to the sky and never change your course until you have sailed on to victory!

Services are designed to help youth graduate and enter college or another post-secondary educational program and/or a career.  This program is available to low-income youth aged 14 to 21 who are considered at risk of dropping out of school or face barriers to employment and education due to circumstances such as:

    • Basic literacy and numeracy skills deficiency
    • Ex-offender
    • Documented disability
    • High school dropout
    • Homeless or runaway
    • Pregnant or parenting
    • Foster care

One of the most important roles of Anchors Away is to encourage and help youth stay in school and graduate or, if they have dropped out, to achieve an educational certificate such as a GED or an occupational training certificate.  The program places paramount importance on education, high school graduation and preparing youth to become job ready and competitive in today’s workforce.

If you join Anchors Away, you can take advantage of these cores services:

  • Tutoring
  • GED Preparation and Basic Skills Improvement
  • Summer Employment
  • Work Experience
  • Leadership Activities
  • Supportive Services such as bus passes, work clothes and tools, child care assistance, etc.
  • Adult Mentoring

Benefits of Anchors Away Youth Program

We can’t plan an effective youth program without your input.

Even though their efforts and plans are well-intentioned, too often, adults tend to cripple effective programming and active youth participation by not involving youth in the planning and implementation of programs that are supposed to be designed specifically for them and are intended for their gain. This is not the case at Flagship’s Anchors Away Program.  One of the foundations of youth development at Flagship is the joy and respect we have for young people.  We recognize the strengths and abilities that young people have to offer, and their right and need to be engaged.

You’ll attend job fairs, build a basic resume, learn winning interview techniques, attend work readiness classes, participate in community service projects, meet new friends, and we’ll assist you with finding summer and year round employment, in addition to many other activities and benefits.

How do I sign up for Anchors Away?

Contact David King or Keyana Brown at 303-371-6351 to find out if you meet eligibility requirements for this program.