Job Readiness Training & Job Placement

If you are unemployed, underemployed, or planning for a career change, finding a job that’s right for you can take some time and effort.  Job Readiness classes at Flagship can help you examine your goals and skills and prepare for productive and successful job seeking.  The purpose of this course is to help decrease the rate of joblessness by offering training to people who are just entering the job market, are unemployed and need to get back to work, or are seeking to boost their careers and need help with enhancing their soft skills, preparing a resume, practicing interviews, and learning new job skills.  Services offered in this training component include (1) Job Readiness Training, which prepares students for entering job search activities or vocational training; (2) Community Based Training (CBT), which offers career exploration and “foot-in-the-door” volunteer internship opportunities with actual employers; and (3) Job Search assistance.

  1. Flagship’s comprehensive pre-training curriculum is delivered in a classroom setting, Monday through Friday for two weeks from 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., insuring a minimum of 75 classroom training hours for those who are required to participate and offering a menu of training classes, such as basic computer classes, resume writing, cover letter, 30-second self-promotion,  preparing for an interview, work ethics, dressing professionally, among other topics, for job seekers who are seeking to enhance their job search skills.
  2. CBT opportunities are offered only to participants who have successfully completed the Pre-Training course and have set realistic employment goals, or are serious about entering the workforce but need to enhance their soft skills or need an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities to an employer.  CBT internships are scheduled for a minimum of 30 days.  Internships may be extended for an additional 30 days if deemed appropriate by FHC staff and/or mutually agreed upon among FHC, the employer, and the intern
  3. Job Search at FHC will be delivered through two components.   (1) On-site classroom activities; and (2) off-site job fairs and job search. On-site classes are held Monday through Friday for up to four weeks depending on individual progress. Participants complete classroom activities and off-site job search activities until they have succeeded in obtaining employment.

In-class Curriculum

  • Customizing Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Successful Interviewing Techniques
  • Effective Networking Strategies
  • Completing Applications and Online Assessments
  • Creating a Job Search Plan
  • Career Exploration

Off-site Curriculum

  • Implementing a  Job Search Plan
  • Applying for a Job
  • CBT/Unpaid Work Experience
  • Attending Job Fairs
  • Informational Interviews
  • Hasty Interviews
  • Career Ready 101 (Colorado Works Certification)

Benefits of Job Readiness Training Classes

Job Readiness classes at Flagship can help build your confidence as a job seeker and verify that your skills match an employer’s needs. Completion of these classes can actually become your ticket to landing the job you really want.

  • You will learn or enhance skills that are of primary importance to the majority of employers.
  • The Certificate of Completion verifies your work readiness skill level to potential employers and your commitment to progress and growth on the job.
  • You will possess the required skills for competitive interviewing.
  • You will be better prepared for improved job opportunities and an optimistic career future.
  • You will gain a competitive advantage over other job seekers.